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”Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought about yet.” Albert Szent-Györgyi

Convenience is a major concern.

In the evening the asphalt walkway still radiated back the heat of the sun when I was planning to wear only my jeans and t-shirt while going out for a beer. My wallet didn’t fit in my back pocket, because it was loaded with customer loyalty cards, debit cards, receipts for the clothes I left at the dry-cleaner’s, business cards I collected at the meeting the day before and with a number of other bits and pieces. „But where should I put my wallet swollen fat now like a whale? Should I only take some money with me? What If I’ll need my debit card? My keys will prickle my thighs…”

That’s about how a very simple problem and a moment of revelation led to the idea of a wallet made of wood.

We wanted to work specifically with wood right from the beginning, because we like its natural surface and touch. Following many experiments and testing we have started mass production partly because of being encouraged by our friends.

Currently our products are made of 3 different types of wood, which can be accompanied by multiple colour bands.

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WOWA, your wood wallets

Everyday use

A small-size wallet for every essential you need.

Keep your coins or keys in the inner compartment.

Put up to six cards in your Wowa wallet and there will still be enough room for your banknotes.

If you use PayPass while shopping, you don’t even need to pull out your card. Just put your Wowa close to the terminal.

It is extremely simple to use it. You can insert or remove you cards with a single movement.

From now on you will only need to carry a single object.

How Wowa is Made, Types of Wood

Wowa canadian acacia

Wowa canadian acacia

The canadian acacia is the brightest wood type what we use now. Very hard but flexible, good withstand heavy use, that’s why we choose it as basic type.

Wowa cherry wood

Wowa cherry wood

The cherry tree is an elegant redbrown-yellowred colored wood. Typically can be striped, it color is often green. Hard, tough wood material, hard belly so reluctant to use WOWA production.

Wowa walnut

Wowa walnut

Our wallets made of walnut have remarkably different grains. The tone of the wood may vary from bright beige to darker velvet brown. It is an especially hard, solid, durable and flexible type of wood, so that is why we chose it as the raw material for our wallets.


I have always liked small-size wallets and file folders so I usually look for these in the stores. Wowa perfectly meets this requirement; it is small, it fits in almost any pocket while it can comfortably hold up to 6-7 plastic cards, season tickets and banknotes too. Still what makes it even better and more outstanding than any other wallet or file folder is its exceptional design. This is what really got me in this product; each and every wallet has unique grains provided by the surface of the wood so there is no other wallet like mine in the whole wide world.

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